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Our Master Colourist

Marie is a Master Colourist, with a journey that has spanned over twenty years in the hair industry. Her unwavering dedication to perfecting her craft has taken her on a path, including two years of training at the renowned Wella Studios in Manchester.

Through Maries pursuit of excellence she now belongs to a group of professionals who represent the top 5% of colourists in the country. Her journey serves as a testament to her commitment to mastering the art of hair colouring.

With than two decades of hands on experience Marie has evolved into a visionary in the realm of hair colour. Her meticulous attention to detail, inherent creativity and profound understanding of colour theory enable her to create breathtaking and hair transformations. She has refined her skills across a range of colouring techniques ensuring that her clients not leave satisfied but genuinely thrilled with their new looks.

Maries passion, for her work extends beyond colouring hair; it revolves around enhancing each clients beauty and confidence. She takes the time to comprehend their style, preferences and personality so that she can recommend colour choices that’re not only technically flawless but also harmonise perfectly with their character.

Marie is always keeping up with the trends and techniques, in the changing beauty industry. She constantly seeks to expand her knowledge and explore possibilities when it comes to hair colouring. Her commitment to education and her dedication to her clients have earned her a trusted reputation in the beauty world.

She is now using her extensive knowledge and expertise to educate our team and is responsible for in-house training, bringing Wella standards to Ulverston.

When you sit in Maries chair you’re not just receiving a hair colour treatment; you’re embarking on an experience that reflects years of work, devotion and expertise. Maries work doesn’t just transform hair; it has an impact, on peoples lives creating colour transformations one step at a time.

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If you are looking for advice or want to book in an appointment with Marie please get in touch with us on 01229 580900